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Meet our Lecturers

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Ps David Grobler


Ps Louis Paulus


Ps Francois Stofberg


Ps Willbert Kinnear

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Ps Mark Hodgetts


What is the Unite School of Ministry?

The Unite180 School of Ministry is presented over two years and consists of 24 Theological modules and a comprehensive Leadership Development Program.

The Leadership Development Program also runs for two years and covers 20 Leadership Topics, all reflected in a Leadership Development Journal. In addition, all students will have a one-on-one contact session with one of Unite180's Senior Area Leaders during the year.

Lastly, we also have our power-packed Leadership Confabs with our Senior Pastor, David Grobler, to present the best possible leadership journey to each prospective student.

How can I attend?

Live                    Online

We offer an all-in-one online system
where you have access to every aspect of your uSchool course.

Communication about lecture dates, course material, and exam dates will be available. You will also complete exams and submit your Leadership Journals online.

Live online sessions
All our Leadership sessions and some of our theological modules are presented live and also streamed online for those students that cannot attend these sessions.



Ps David Grobler

Founder & Lead Pastor


Ps Chanelle Grobler

Co-founder & Lead Pastor

David Grobler is the founder and lead pastor of Unite180 church based in Pretoria South Africa. Currently furthering on his theological studies with an honors degree in theology, he also completed his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Stellenbosch in 2015. The Unite180 church, has under the vision and leadership of pastor Grobler planted five campus locations across South Africa in seven years, outgrowing the venues and requiring multiple services. Pastor Grobler, with a clear drive towards equipping this generation for ministry and service, established his second Bible school called the Unite180 School of ministry. Pastor Chanelle Grobler co-founded Unite180 with her husband Pastor David. Pastor Chanelle oversees the Unite180 School of ministry and co-ordinates the uGroup network. She and Pastor David, together with their four children, Reco, Kayra Kylee and Kenzi live in Pretoria South Africa.

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